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When the mind is focused on a task, there is little time and space to think of the more stressful things in our lives….because Pilates…. demands focus! Being present and aware during a Pilates class helps us counterbalance our impulse to brood or worry excessively.

Other ways we can use Pilates to help us through challenging times…..

-practice your breath work

-do a Pilates class outside in nature

-connect virtually with an online Pilates community

-invite a friend to join you in an online Pilates class or workshop

-invest in your Pilates practice by buying a new mat or prop

The last couple of years have been challenging for all of us, leaving us often feeling like we have little control over the world around us!

But committing to movement can give us a much needed endorphin boost, allowing us to focus and get through the most demanding day with more energy and positivity.

By making time to move and be active we are creating moments of self care and allowing ourselves to feel good in the present moment. Keeping ourselves conscious of who we are and what we love, reminds ourselves of the sustainability of our own essence.

Pilates isn’t magic but it’s pretty close to it!

Check out my upcoming classes to find out how you can bring Pilates into your life for stress relief and more or download the free "BREATHING FOR BEGINNERS" guide to get started on your own "breath for stress relief" practice today!

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