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- Corinne Behan -

creator of
the "Behan Protocol" 

 ABOUT ME.....

With over 20 years of experience in teaching movement for health and a keen interest in rehabilative exercise, I enjoy working with clients of all ages and wellbeing and helping people move well and without pain.

I am passionate about spreading knowledge to educate others on safe and effective posture, core and back strengthening regiments.


My interest in fascia and techniques for back pain led me to embrace the revolutionary spinal health method:  ELDOATM.

Combining ELDOA with Pilates, yoga and functional training, I created the "Behan Protocol" for better back and spine health, designing a movement practice to change how we think and feel about mobility and strength training.

The "Behan Protocol"  is a low impact series of activation, mobility and stability exercises to improve the mind body connection and activate under used muscles, lengthen overused muscles and bring balance back into the body all while creating a stronger core.

I firmly believe that if we keep moving in healthy, mindful ways we can continue to move efficiently without the aches and pains of aging!


 To provide a top notch fitness regiment geared towards improving spine health with a focus on core strength, flexibility, joint mobility and stability, that enables people to move better and feel better all while providing a sense of community and belonging!


the "Behan Protocol" is a ground breaking fitness program that focuses on form, alignment, precision and coordination allowing you to take control of your low back pain by teaching you how to engage your core; the root of all movement and by transforming your level of joint stability and thoracic mobility; the key to spine health!


Building on Pilates and the principles of pelvic health and challenging you as we take CORE training to the deepest possible level, you will learn the basics of CORE activation and proper technique to ensure results that improve back and pelvic health and benefit daily life.

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