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The "Behan Protocol" consists of 8 levels (4 "Primary" and 4 "Enhanced") of low impact (but not low intensity) conditioning classes designed to be accessible to anyone, taking you from a beginner level to an advanced level practice.


The Protocol will teach you how to gain physical awareness, improve posture, gain strength and flexibility all while promoting stronger abdominals and a healthier back and spine!

Designed to create a "system of success" that leaves you feeling confident and competent,  each class builds into the next level while slowly increasing your strength, endurance, flexibility and

co-ordination with emphasis on joint mobility and stability; the key to a healthy, aligned spine!

The "PRIMARY" series is designed for work on the mat while the "ENHANCED" series introduces small equipment into the workout to increase the challenge and help improve strength and balance and stability. 


Learn the fundamental principles and basic moves that the "PROTOCOL" is built on to attain knowledge into how to engage your deepest core muscles, stabilize your pelvis, strengthen your lower back and gain mind body awareness. Build a solid foundation, focus on form and alignment by mastering the fundamentals.

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